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Bucket packaging

If you want to make your packing more attractive , IML packing is the

best choice for you. It can display the bullet point clearly. At the

same time, It’s cost-effective and environmental friendly.

SAINT has a strong advantage in lML film label packaging products,

except that because lML membrane is labeled as the main product of the

company, the accumulated rich technology is  > test, more perfect and

flexible matching machine equipment and mould design and development,

ensure that sunde can give you unbeatable lML high-end packaging


Advantages of In Mold Labeling package

● Unique in-mold labeling technology with brand authorization features.

● good appearance, and enhanced product quality.

● All production processes finish in one step to reduce the cost of production.

● All plastic products, are easier to recycle and more environmentally friendly.

● Packaging design is highly flexible.

IML high-end package application product

● Cup package:Yogurt, butter, coffee, jelly, pudding, jam, spices, etc.

● Box package:Biscuit, chocolate, candy, popcorn, nuts, meat, soup, etc.

● Cover type package: Fast food, beverage, yogurt, jelly, milkshake, jam, ice cream, etc.

● Cosmetic package: Oil, water-based paint, glue, ink, other kinds of chemical solvent.