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32 Cavities Folding Fork System

The details:

System specifications:

Folding fork is a very common plastic product in our daily life, Saint successfully delivered 1 out 32 cavity folding fork take-out folding plastic package system. This new system mainly produce products of plastic package, like folding fork, it can meet the injection molding requirement of different product combination and different customer’s production standard. This whole set system includes Beston PS-TECH 2200 injection molding machine, acmeplas three-axis robotic arm and acmeplas automatic packing machine, system’s cycle period is about 15 seconds.

• Beston PS-TECH 2200 injection molding machine equipped with tailor made 32 cavity folding fork mold, injection molding process is stable, position is accurate.

• acmeplas three axis robotic arm’s whole shape design is smooth, structure is exquisite, equipped with dedicated controlling system and imported linear guideway, make the links of taking out, folding, and placement of folding fork run quickly and smoothly.

• This system has also equipped with automatic plastic package machine to pack folding fork, make the folding fork much cleaner and more hygienic.

In order to make folding fork to prevent insect effectively, mould and moisture proof, easy to carry, there is no human contact during the whole process of transportation, plastic package, packing and cutting out spare plastic package film. The successful research and development of this 32 cavity folding fork take-out folding plastic package system, is another successful example of Saint plastic package whole set system is developing towards multiple functions, high performance, personalization and professionalization.

System parameters:

automatic Injection Molding Machine Beston
Automatic System Triaxial manipulator + folding mechanism + plastic packaging machine
Cavity Number 32
Cycle Period 14s
Product Weight 1.83g