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6L In Mold Labeling Injection system

The details:

System specifications:

6L Bucket In Mold Injection System introduced our latest “Partial Labeling Technology”, completely get rid of the traditional way of “cover from top to bottom” for in mold injection. For this “cover from top to bottom” labeling technique, label delivering part and inside mold positioning is relatively easy, product yield rate and working efficiency is easily guaranteed, but it has limitation for product’s shape diversification. In order to fulfill the requirement of the market, technical difficulties have to be overcome. Saint 6L bucket IMF system equipped with special labeling jig, it is capable of finish double sided label sucking ˎ delivering and accurate positioning inside of the mold, realized the effect of two sides partially labeling for bucket. Currently the cycle period of the entire system can be as fast as 28 seconds.

System parameters:

Injection Molding Machine KM-320THL
Automatic System Type A Labeling Machine
Cavity Number 1
Cycle Period 28s
Product Weight 193g