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Why should plastic injection molding machine be equipped with industrial water chiller?

DATE:2018-01-30 VIEWS:1206

In recent years, with China's entry into WTO, the manufacturing industry has entered a golden period, and the demand for product quality has been greatly improved. In fact, in the process of improving products, manufacturers often ignore a small and important factor. In the process of production, due to the machinery, mould and heat is constantly produced industrial reaction, when the temperature exceeds the material the tolerance of the product quality is unstable, plastic products and electroplating production, for example. In the production of plastic products accounted for over 80% of the total cycle cooling time, the importance of cooldown reduced thus, frozen water can absorb heat in time, lower the cavity temperature quickly, accelerate product, shorten the open surface.

In electroplating production, freezing water the electroplating solution temperature is reduced, and the temperature is constant in a certain range, the metal elements with steady current quickly attached to the plating surface, make the product smooth and density increase. Industrial cold water machine (temperature range: + 20 ℃ TO 25 ℃ adjustable) is widely used in various industrial production - 1. The chemical (learn) 2. Industrial plastic products, plastic containers, the membrane, plastic profile, pipe, wire, cable sheath, tire industry 3. Electroplating and machine tool cutting surface is 4. The pharmaceutical industry 5. 6. In electronics industry hardware industry 7. 8. Food and beverage industry shoemaking industry 9. Laboratory 10. 11. Medical equipment optical instruments, etc.

Water cooled ice water machine.

1, the chemical industry: mainly used in chemical reaction kettle cooling cooling heat exchanger (chemical), take away the intense heat generated by chemical reaction in time so as to achieve the aim of cooling (cooling), to improve the quality of products.

2, plastic products, plastic containers, food packaging film, medical packaging film and other manufacturing industries.

Plastic products (TV, computer, washing machine, cell phone, refrigerator, air conditioner, plastic toys, automotive plastic parts, etc.) in the injection molding process, can effectively cooling (cool), will directly affect the finish product appearance and quality of the shape affect the production efficiency, thereby affecting the cost of production and corporate profits.

Plastic containers (blowing bottles) and the production of packaging film, are more indispensable to the ice water machine. In the process of production, plastic containers can not be cooled and set in time. The containers produced will not be full, the wall thickness is uneven, the color is not bright, and even cannot be formed, resulting in low quality of products. In the production of packaging film, if there is no cold water (wind) cooling molding, it cannot produce qualified products. The cooling of cold water or wind provided by the chiller can not only greatly improve the product quality, but also improve the production efficiency.

3. Electroplating solution, hydraulic oil and machine tool cutting tool coolant cooling

In electroplating production, plating solution in the plating reaction not to generate heat, so that the plating solution temperature rise gradually, when required by the plating solution temperature higher process, coating the surface of the opposite output of electroplating products fastness, evenness, flatness and surface roughness has great influence. Choose use cold water machine (water machine) to provide a frozen in the production of electronic components to keep components at a specific temperature or cooling, electronic component performance parameters to control in the design of the state. Water cooling and maintaining the constant temperature of the plating solution will greatly improve the plating process and production efficiency.

4. Pharmaceutical industry: the pharmaceutical industry is mainly used to control the temperature and humidity of the workshop and to bring out the heat of reaction during the production of the raw materials

5. Electronics industry: in the production process of electronic components, the components must be kept or cooled at certain temperature, and the performance parameters of electronic components can be controlled in the design state.