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How to solve the plastic extruding granulation process?

DATE:2018-01-30 VIEWS:775

There are three main reasons for the low melt strength. The first melt temperature is high, and the viscosity of polymer melt decreases with the increase of temperature. Another reason is that the rotational speed of the screw is too large, and the general polymer melt has the properties of shear thinning. As the shear rate increases, the viscosity of the melt decreases, which in turn causes the melt strength to decrease. The melt strength is too low to pull the granulation, or the particle size of granulation is small; Finally, it is the addition of too many plasticizers in plastic or additives that reduce melt viscosity.

Solution: reduce the extrusion temperature properly if the temperature is low enough to reduce the speed of the screw in the premise of ensuring the extrusion efficiency. If the melt viscosity caused by additives is reduced, the content of additives can be reduced.