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The difference between polyvinyl formaldehyde, nylon and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene

DATE:2018-01-23 VIEWS:394

Polyformaldehyde material product, its dimensional stability than nylon, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is much higher, its mechanical strength is higher than nylon and ultra-high molecular quantitative polyethylene, but wear resistance is slightly less, but its excellent mechanical strength and size stability characteristics make its application is very wide, used for axle sleeve and guide sleeve cylinder precision machinery spare parts, etc.

Nylon material range is very wide, can be subdivided into nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon, nylon 1010, nylon 46, MC nylon, oil-bearing nylon, etc., wear-resisting performance is outstanding, the market 80% of the gear use nylon material, its toughness is very high, but did not reduce the mechanical strength, resistance to shock, resistance to high pressure, high load, crane steel wire pulley, heavy car pulley and use nylon material, its drawback is not resistant to acid and alkali, easy degradation, in case of acid and alkali in water after the size will change slightly.

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material, its molecular weight can be as high as 8 million, wear-resisting performance is better than that of nylon, but slightly lower mechanical strength, can be used for light load, wear-resisting effect is higher than that of nylon many, heat-resistant properties, thermal deformation temperature of 80 degrees.